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Food & Drink

We’ll have a great selection of food options to keep you going through the day, with local suppliers selling freshly cooked, high quality food.

The bar will be open from 2pm to 11.45pm. Food will be available from 2pm until 9pm

The Laughing Fish

Laughing Fish Bar

The main festival bar will be serving the perennial Bonfire favourites of Harvey’s Best Bitter and Seacider, both on tap, along with other locally produced ale and lager on draught and in cans. White and red wine, pre-mixed Pimms, our very own Isfest cocktails and a variety of soft drinks complete the liquid line up. Savoury snacks will also be available.

Isfield Farm Shop

Isfield Farm Shop

Isfield Village Farm Stores will have a barbeque set up to cook the quintessential festival favourites: beef burgers and sausages, together with chicken kebabs. All the meat is locally produced and sold in their great new community farm shop situated in the heart of the village.

Fish and Chips

Mr Chippy Fish and Chips

Local and very popular, offering jump sausage, saveloy, fishcake, chicken, cod, haddock, plaice, huss and scampi...and chips of course!

Ice Cream

Local Retro Ice Cream

Locally produced ice cream, sorbets and soft ice cream cones, pefect to cool you down on a hot day!